​​Lake Pointe Elementary PTO

Enrich - educate - empower 

Volunteers are not paid -- not because they are worthless, 
but because they are priceless.

Remember to log your out-of-school hours at www.v-volunteer.com.

To ensure everything runs smoothly for everyone’s benefit especially our students!

Complete the volunteer form as soon as you can! The volunteer coordinators collect these forms through the second week of school and committees are then formed using the information provided.

Attend the Volunteer Orientation and Job Fairs to be held the first few weeks of school. 
When volunteering, please sign in at the front office and pick up a name tag.
Be sure to log your hours worked by signing in with Raptor in the front office near the receptionist's desk or, if you are away from the school, by logging your hours at www.v-volunteer.com LTISD recognizes all volunteers who have reached 100 hours with an activities pass to all LTISD sponsored events. 
Remember to allow teachers to implement discipline consequences, as well as keep student performances and behaviors confidential. 
When you volunteer in the classroom or on field trips, we ask that you make other arrangements for younger children. This is a school policy we must respect. 
If available, send us your e-mail address as we communicate our needs via e-mail frequently.