2018-2019 Board Members:

President – Courtney Johnson
Vice President - Katie Dotson
Treasurer – Erin Coker
Secretary – Maggie Fitzgerald
Fundraising – Amanda Tennant
Volunteers - Kristi Leipsner & Laura Blackman
Programs - Anu Kiehler & Kristin Rankovic
Membership – Kelly O'Shannesy & Melanie Malinowski 
Communications - Brooke Williams & Carrie McManus
Staff Appreciation (SAC) – Charity Schulenburg & Shannon Gatlin
Grade Level Rep K-2 - Allison Haligas
Grade Level Rep 3-5 - Andie Van Orden 

Website - Alison Spurlock
Past President – Haley Brust

LPE PTO Past Presidents:

Haley Brust, 2015 - 2017
Deborah West, 2014 - 2015
Shannon Cordray, 2012-2014
Tiffany Todd, 2010-2012
Amy Dolce 2009-2011
Lynn Ballard, 2008-2010
Mindy Baldwin, 2008-2009
Christine Gaussiran, 2007-2008
Angi Milne, 2006-2008
Amy Still, 2005-2007
Laurie Anderson, 2004-2006
Caroline Nelson, 2003-2005
Jim Boushka, 2002-2004
Lisa Farr, 2002-2003

Lake Pointe Elementary was opened in 2002 to serve the needs of our growing community. Over the years, the school has earned praise for its continuous achievement in student test scores AND consistently high levels of parent satisfaction. 



​​Lake Pointe Elementary PTO

Enrich - educate - empower 

Our diverse membership -- which includes families, teachers, administrators, school staff, and community businesses -- reflects our organizational philosophy, which holds that children will be most encouraged to be motivated, life-long learners in an educational environment that is enhanced by active community participation.

We are very proud of our accomplishments and we wish to thank all of our Past Presidents for their vision and guidance.